Summertime Home Selling

Selling a home during the summer in Minnesota can be a bit tricky.

Of coarse you know that spring the most popular time to put your home up for sale, but what you may not know is that fall is a more popular time to list than summer … why? Minnesotans take summer fun very seriously and will prioritize their home buying around their summer activities, kids schedules and even the weather, right?

Selling in the summer can still be a success, if you take these 3 tips as seriously as your severe weather watching!

1. Curb appeal is key! Keep the grass cut, pull weeds and dead bushes, add some fresh mulch and repaint your front door. If you live in a rural area, you probably need to have your exterior pressure washed to brighten it up and please don’t forget to add plenty of flowers and bushes into your landscaping as well. As a buyer bonus! set up some fun outdoor furniture in a shady and relaxing area of your yard to help buyers envision themselves enjoying the space.

2. Clean, clean, clean! I can not stress this enough. Clean walls, floors, windows and appliances are expected by most buyers and because they will be opening cupboards and drawers … closets and blinds you will want to make sure you tackle these areas too! De-cluttering is a just a prelude to the big move so any items you choose to pack into your storage areas should be neatly stored in boxes or bins, not just “tossed in”. Make sure you clean light fixtures (replace any burnt out bulbs!) and HVAC vents. Hire someone if you must, but this will go along way in the “buyer experience” category.

3. Fresh scents! Especially if you have pets, you will want your buyers first indoor impression to be a lovely scent. Being cognizant of what you are cooking prior to showings, give the pooch a bath and pick some fresh flowers. Be sure to grab some oil burning vessels and even a few plug ins in a “fresh” scent that isn’t overpowering. (I always go for fresh linen or honeysuckle!) and place that wonderful smell as close to the front door as possible!

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